Mine oplæg – en liste

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I tidernes løb har jeg holdt rigtig mange oplæg … og gør det gerne igen, hvis du synes det lyder spændende. Her er nogle af mine seneste oplæg:


 Muligheder for sprog og læring i Åben skole forløb


”Mere virksomhedsretten dansk uddannelse for voksne udlændinge” –  hvad er lærerens rolle?


Acting in the learner space – the role of learner autonomy


Children’s interaction with and through languages – the potential of children as audience interacting with opera


Understanding learning spaces in conversations with people who learn  – relational approach to learning and researching learning


Plurilingual ways through education and work – learning stories


Subjective goals as the drive for language and learning: Reflecting on the process of a study of multilingual peoples’ experiences in learning and  language


”Decoding visual materials in the context of participatory photo interviews in ASEM research projects – illustration along cases from learning at work”


”I have learned” – it is about something that happened in the past!”: time, space and human interaction in different perceptions of learning at work


Language and learning in transformative learning spaces – multilingual learner’s stories


Tourism sector – workplace learning in the small enterprise


Workplace learning at The B&B House


Symposium “Working places as learning spaces: New perspectives on the nature of workplace learning”


På Gydebanketælling med 6. Klasse: Et pilotprojekt om sprog og læring i skolens nye læringsrum


Developing communicative competence through thinking tasks: Experimenting with Thinking Approach in Danish as Second Language Classroom


Researching transformative learning spaces – learning to learn through languages


Understøttende undervisning: Sprog og Læring i folkeskolens nye læringsrum


Transformative learning spaces – learning to learn through languages


Working places as learning spaces: contextualising lifelong learning in Asia and Europe – Annotated Bibliography


Sprog og læring i sprogskolens nye læringsrum

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